How do I know the quality of A string quartet or ensemble I am INTERESTED in hiring? 

Receiving a music degree is similar to attending trade school, therefore not all talented musicians have Master Degrees or a PHD! One easy way to figure out the quality of the musicians performing in an ensemble is to google members to ensure that they perform in local PAID symphonies such as Colorado Symphony, Boulder Philharmonic, Boulder Chamber Orchestra, Pro Musica, Colorado Springs Philharmonic, Fort Collins Symphony, and Cheyenne Symphony. These symphonies have a rigorous audition process that test a musician's skill set in a competitive and high-pressure environment. Know that, in general, if you look to hire symphonic professionals the quality of your quartet will be much higher than many local quartets who work strictly as wedding musicians! Additionally, look for big name schools such as Juilliard, Curtis, Colburn, New England Conservatory, Eastman, Cleveland Institute of music, Peabody, and Oberlin.

If Red Rock Strings is not right for you, we are happy to provide you with a list of our favorite local collaborators! 

What do i need to provide for musicians at my event?

Musicians are expected to bring their own music and stands to any event! However, clients should be prepared to provide four armless chairs and protection from the elements. Colorado's weather can be temperamental in peak wedding season (especially in the mountains!) and expensive classical instruments are very sensitive to excessive sun exposure, water, and snow. Most classical event services request a tent or covered area in all weather -- this helps provide a safety net so that, no matter the situation, the "show will go on". 

We loved our Red Rock Strings PERFORMANCE, what can we do to help! 

Review us! We love our clients and we love what we do. Our repeat offenders are always welcome to our Red Rock family discount as it is our mission to provide top quality musicians who bring life to your event through music.

The process for hiring Red Rock Strings is quite simple:

1) Cross check client and Red Rock Strings date and time availability.

2) Accept event quote, and our professionals will assist with any music or special event requests!

3) Finally, fill out our basic contract to officially reserve your date. The deposit will be due with the contract and payment will be due one week prior your event.
*Our musicians will check in one week before your event for any final details! 

What is the process for hiring Red Rock Strings?